of owners of properties in condominium property EMERALD A in building with ID № 6106.502.569 in cadastral map of Nessebar, with address: Bourgas, municipality of Nessebar, Ravda, 61 Macedonia str., apartment complex EMERALD BEACH RESORT AND SPA building A, including entries DAMASK, EMERALD, CASHMERE, SATIN on August 7, 2018 at 13.00 in Ravda, in the ground (or 0) floor of complex Emerald.

According clause 12.1 of Condominium Ownership Management Law (ZUES), Management Board represented by Chairman Alexander Tverdokhlebov hereby invite you to General Assembly of Owners with following agenda:

  1. Chairman of Management Board and General Assembly (according clause 16.2) suggests secretary and vote counting Committee.
  2. Dismiss members of the Controlling Board and appointment of extended Controlling Board. Dismiss Elena Fortuna, Tatiana Chulkova, and Shaun Lizzio from duties. Appoint the following members of the Controlling Board (listed alphabetically): Alexander Laktionov, Alexander Yakunin, David Theobald, Doug Knock, Emerald Hospitality OOD, Eugeny Valov, Frosma EOOD, Galina Fridlyand, Ikat OOD, Olga Saburova, Rusaero OOD, Sinterra IS OOD, and Vitaly Kostyuchik.
  3. Approve the budget for the year 2019.
  4. Approve membership fee for the years 2018/2019 as 14.4 Euro per square meter of living areas per year. Utility deposit is obligatory and failure to pay it may result with electric power switch-off.
  5. To adopt internal regulations according standards of Ministry of regional development of Bulgaria.
  6. Agree on need of approval by the Management Board of the contracts entered into by the Chairman of the Management Board, if contract amount exceeds 50 000 BGN and which are made with a single contracting party during a year, with an exception of the contracts and supplement agreements made with electricity (EVN) and water (VIK Bourgas) suppliers. Members of Management and Supervisory Boards shall not interfere current operating activities of the Chairman of Management Board of the condominium property Emerald А.
  7. Announcing the termination of the individual Service Agreements made earlier with EH, after the fact that EH had stopped servicing the buildings since April 30, 2018 and rules for collecting debts from non-payers.
  8. Approving the website as an official information resource of the condominium. Approving the policy of financial transparency provided for by the website: payments status, the cashbook and assets status; all of this should be available to all the registered owners. The owners’ registration at the website takes place via e-mails listed in the book of the owners of the condominium. The Chairman of the Management Board is entitled to make payments using online bank. The members of the Governing and Supervisory Boards should have an access to the information of the online bank.
  9. Approving the authority of the Management Board to provide individual water and electricity accounts (partida).
  10. Approving Management and Supervisory Boards to assist owners in renting their apartments.
  11. Approve installation and use of video surveillance and access control systems for ensuring security of owners, their guests and properties. Owners agree with use of these systems 24/7 in complex Emerald. Management Board will define places for installation. Security personnel and official authorities can access video recordings as required by law.
  12. Approve separation of common and individual services provided for Owners of apartments. Common services are complex security, cleaning of common parts and territory, maintenance of common infrastructure, support of greens and park, external pools, children playground, reception. Owners order and pay for other services individually.

Registration of participants of General Assembly will start at 9:00 and finish at 13:00.

In case if less that 67/100 of ideal parts of total areas in the building according clause 15.1 of ZUES, assembly will be postponed by 1 hour (clause 15.2 of ZUES), and continued with announced agenda if no less than 33/100 of ideal parts of total areas will be registered. Otherwise, assembly will be continued on the next working date at the same place and time with present ideal parts.   

Chairman of Management Board of condominium property “EMERALD A” Alexander Tverdokhlebov

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