Address of the Governing Councils Emerald, Damascus, Satin, Kashmir, Madras, Ikat

Wed, 26 Feb 2020 00:48:00 +0300

Address of the Governing Councils Emerald, Damascus, Satin, Kashmir, Madras, Ikat

Wed, 26 Feb 2020 00:48:00 +0300 


"Everything has its time.

Time to throw stones

and time to collect stones ”

Bible, Old Testament


Dear neighbors - owners of the Emerald complex!

We want to bring to your attention what is happening in our common house.

Emerald Hospital has set out to seize our property with you. All possible means are used:

- An imaginary mortgage on a part of the apartments for their re-registration in their favor.

- Theft of common parts through constitutive acts: public toilets, gas distribution stations, reception area, parking and the whole house area.

- Many times overpriced support fee, not justified by any budget, in order to cover losses from the illiterate management of their own tourism business.

- Lowering the rental rate of apartments on aggregator sites, including, to 10 euros / day (with breakfast and SPA services), which led to a decrease in the cost of our real estate by several times, and against this background, buying apartments at a price of 250-300 Euro / sq.m.

- Extortion of money from the owners through an illegal outage (under the pretext of accidents and prevention), and preventing access to the complex through the main entrance.

- Inadmissibility of owners to their electricity meters in GDT.

- Capturing the territory of the children's pool, leasing it to third parties and illegal collection of money from parents.

- Conducting fictitious meetings.

We all have the right to know what our money is spent on. But the EC categorically refuses to provide any reports.


The results of an almost two-year-old accountable and irresponsible “management” are:


- Destroyed and non-working two seasons “Sun” pool

- Disabled children's pool and playground.

- Based on the results of the inspection by the competent authorities of the Republic of Bulgaria (initiated by the owners), it was established that in 2019 a well was drilled illegally (on the site with containers for household waste), the water from which was supplied to the pools and the water supply system of the Complex. The water quality in terms of salt and harmful impurities was many times higher than the permissible norms and could not be used even for irrigation systems. In just two weeks, during which this water was supplied to the Complex, many owners suffered damage due to the breakdown of household equipment installed in the apartments (boilers, dishwashers and washing machines, kettles, etc.).

- Two cases of ignition of dry grass in a park near the storage location of gas cylinders. Only a miracle saved gas cylinders and human victims from the explosion. These incidents were the result of improperly connecting the pumps in the wells to electricity.

- The death of 30% of lawns, a dozen trees, many roses as a result of EC refusal from servicing the irrigation system by professionals and the inadmissibility of landscape company employees.

- The illegal installation of a third-party electronic emitting antenna on the roof of Damascus allowed the EC to be enriched by collecting rental payments from the antenna owner. At the same time, the radiation is harmful to the health of the owners, the roof also suffered significant damage, and, as a result, serious leaks began (apartments from floors 1 to 7 were flooded in Damascus).

- The refusal of EC from servicing the automatic system for the disinfection and cleaning of pools led to a sharp increase in rotavirus infection in 2018-2019. Many owners could observe how EC employees walked around the pools with buckets in the early morning and, in violation of all sanitary standards and technical requirements for the operation of the pools, poured bleach into the water. Since EC representatives have repeatedly stated that the pools are their property, it should be noted that there is not a single act that legally confirms this kind of allegation. Moreover, in 2019 a decision of the Supreme Court of Cassation of the Republic of Bulgaria (for the Helios complex, Pomorie) was issued that the pools and park zone are common parts and collective property of residents.

- Decreased reputation of the complex.

To protect the interests of the owners, we have filed the following lawsuits: 


- 4 lawsuits challenging meetings held by EC.

- claim for the return of the common parts assigned by the EC.

- A lawsuit about the illegality of the inadmissibility of owners through the main entrance.

In the near future lawsuits will be filed about the illegality of the inadmissibility of owners in the GRT. 


To date, we have won 4 lawsuits to contest the meetings held by Emerald Hospital (despite the opinion that we could not win a single court in Nessebar). Most importantly, the EC meeting was successfully challenged on 10/01/18, at which they established three options for the support fee. Thus, the requirement on the part of the EC to pay them a support fee is illegal! All arguments of the company Emerald Hospital about the gated complex and the illegality of the Floor Properties by the court were not taken into account in connection with the insolvency.

In the course of the trial in the case of contesting the general meeting of Building A held by Emerald Hospital in October 2018, a handwriting forensic examination was conducted, which established that a number of documents submitted to the court by Emerald Hospital were falsified. On this occasion, a statement is being prepared to the competent authorities of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In addition, the Nessebar District Court ruled in our favor on the suit of Emerald Hospital for our January meeting.

We also won a lawsuit with the Mayor of Ravda to declare illegal the inaction to examine the appeal of the Ikat Storey property on the allocation of the adjacent territory.

On the facts of unlawful actions of the private security company to prevent owners through the main entrance, an audit was conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, as a result of which the private security company was brought to administrative responsibility.


According to numerous allegations of blackouts and extortion of money from the owners, the Burgas Prosecutor’s Office canceled once again the Decision to refuse to institute criminal proceedings against the guilty persons and sent them for a new consideration to the Nessebar Prosecutor’s Office. All applications submitted by the owners were previously considered separately from each other. Currently, all applications should be combined into a single production and considered as deliberate actions to deliberately cut off electricity to the apartments of the owners by the employees of the Emerald Hospital in order to extort and illegally collect “supposedly support taxes”.


An effective protection against unauthorized outages, as well as to control consumed resources, is to obtain an individual party account (subscriber account). Fill out the application for the party and provide a copy of the notarial deed to the address:


Floor properties continue to protect the rights and interests of owners. Our requirements and vision of future constructive interaction with the EC were set forth in detail in the Memorandum, which, unfortunately, was ignored by the EC representatives.


In the current situation, we strongly recommend that everyone refrain from making any payments to Emerald Hospital. Based on the results of court proceedings, the Storey's properties are preparing lawsuits against the collection of debts from Emerald Hospital and the collection of illegally collected funds.


Please note that the only legal authority that can accept and dispose of the support fee is the Floor Property! Funds from the accounts of Floor Properties will be spent solely to support our Complex, with the provision of reports. We strongly recommend that you pay off all debts owed to the ES by the end of March 2020.

At the end of the specified period, the ES will be forced to go to court to enforce debt collection.

Apparently, the "time to collect stones" for the company Emerald Hospital is inexorably approaching. Today we can safely tell you that Emerald Hospital, led by 5-times convicted Dichko Minchev, is failing.


We will resolutely continue the struggle for our rights with you!

Good luck to all of us! Together we can do a lot!

Regards to you

Storey Property Management Board Team

Emerald, Satin, Damascus, Kashmir, Madras, Ikat